4 in 1 Body, Bath, Shave and Hair Cleanser


Soap & shampoo alternative suitable for sensitive skin and scalp as there is no fragrance which may irritate the skin & scalp. For dry areas add cold pressed virgin olive oil to the container and shake well.

  • Replaces soap and shampoo
  • No colour
  • No fragrance
  • Use as a base and add your own essential oils.
  • Add extra virgin cold pressed olive or any nut oil (apricot, sweet almond, etc) for dry or sensitive skin or scalp.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and babies. Used successfully on skins with eczema, psorasis, dermatitis, etc.

Apply a small amount of enviroCare Cleanser or enviroCare Sensitive Body & Hair Cleanser directly onto wet hair, skin, sponge, loofah or body brush. Massage lightly to lather and rinse well. If scalp or skin is dry add 80mls of cold pressed virgin olive oil to your container and shake well.

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