Eucalyptus Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash


Bygum Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash has been developed by our company to work effectively at removing the heaviest of soiling and worst odours imaginable.

Bygum Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash is a highly concentrated laundry wash and prewash soaker designed to clean the heaviest soiling and remove all unpleasant odours leaving the items smelling fresh as well as clean.

Our specially formulated “triple action” formula will remove stains, organic residues and strong unpleasant odours using the powerful cleaning and deodorising properties of Bygum Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil.

Bygum Pet Bedding and Blanket Wash also contains a new generation of eco – friendly surfactant that helps remove grease fats and other residues.

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